The reason for the difficulty of starting engine in winter

- Oct 21, 2019-

In winter, it is often difficult to start the engine. However, the sharp drop in temperature is only part of the reason. In addition, there are factors of its own technical situation. Let me take you to a simple analysis:


1. The capacity of the battery decreases with the decrease of temperature, which further reduces the starting speed.


2. At low temperature, the viscosity of diesel increases, and the injection speed decreases. In addition, the swirling speed, temperature and pressure of air at the end of compression are relatively low, resulting in poor atomization quality of diesel injected into the cylinder. It is difficult to form a good combustible gas with air and burn it in time, or even it can't fire, which leads to difficulty in starting.


3. Because of the decrease of the starting speed, the increase of the leakage of the compressed air and the increase of the heat dissipation on the cylinder wall, the temperature and pressure of the air are greatly reduced at the end of the compression, and the delay period of the diesel ignition is increased, even it can not be burned in serious cases.


4. In winter, the climate is cold, the ambient temperature is low, the viscosity of oil increases, and the friction resistance of all moving parts increases, which reduces the starting speed and makes it difficult to start.


Therefore, when it is difficult to start the vehicle in winter, the climate plays a major role, and the decline of the vehicle's own function also has a great impact.