The right way to maintain truck chassis

- Dec 19, 2019-

Truck drivers tend to focus on engine, tire, air filter and other important parts for car maintenance, while ignoring the solid and inconspicuous truck chassis. In fact, the maintenance of the truck chassis is also very important, but the drivers must be confused. How can the truck chassis be maintained?


Rust treatment

First of all, the chassis should be thoroughly cleaned. If there is too much mud on the chassis, it should be washed with a degreaser to make the chassis show its original "natural color" before antirust care can be started. In addition, it should be noted that after cleaning, it is necessary to wait until the water on the chassis is completely dry before antirust care. In the process of nursing, it is necessary to maintain a uniform spray coating to form a uniform antirust coating with long-lasting retention. After the completion of all works, conduct natural air drying for 5-10 minutes, and the anti rust treatment of chassis shall be completed.


Be careful with alkaline detergent

After finishing the professional chassis care, it doesn't mean that everything is safe. In order to keep the truck clean, truck drivers wash the car, often adding some detergent. At this time, please pay attention not to wash the body and chassis with alkaline detergent, otherwise it will greatly affect the anti rust effect and shorten the anti rust time.


Tire tightness

The truck chassis and the brake system are integrated, so good tire maintenance can also play a role in protecting the chassis. The running performance of truck tire affects the running function of truck. If the rotating system is too loose or too tight, it will inevitably damage the chassis. Therefore, the tightness of the tire should be adjusted to a proper condition and the wear condition should be checked regularly.


The long-term use of vehicles and the use of vehicles in harsh environment make the truck chassis very vulnerable. The impact of sand and stones on the road destroys the original rust proof layer of the truck chassis. The moisture in the atmosphere slowly corrodes the vehicle bottom, especially the salt water sprayed by snow melting, which is fatal to the chassis. Therefore, it is very important to check and clean the chassis at ordinary times and do a good job of maintenance.