The Tips on the Trailer Tyre Usage

- Jul 09, 2019-


1. The performance of tyres and tyre pressure is closely related to each other. the wrong tyre pressure could cause the partial wearing on the tyre and increasing the fuel consumption. so the proper and timely inspection on tyre pressure is very important.


2. After several kilometers of driving, you will find it is difficult to turn the wheel and the trailer is moving off tracking. this might be caused by the wrong angle of wheel alignment. you need to check and adjust the wheel alighment.


3. Except the tyre pressure and wheel alignment, you also need to check the tyre apperance timely.

If the tyre has the cracks on the surface, you need to pay attension on it. the small cracks on the tyre will cause the tyre burst during the abnormal usage like bumping on the curbstone.


4. When the tyre pattern depth is less than the minimum requirement, the tyre does not have a good road holding. pay attention to the minimum tyre pattern depth, if the depth is less than the min. requirement, It's better to change the tyre.