Tips for driving special purpose vehicle in hot summer

- Jul 23, 2019-

In summer, when the temperature rises, drivers should pay attention to it. Whether it's a family car, a special purpose vehicle or a heavy truck, they should pay attention to the fact that tire burst and spontaneous combustion are caused by high temperature. Now I'll tell you what problems you should pay attention to when driving in summer and how to ensure that driving is safer.

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1. Check tire pressure regularly to prevent tire burst

The driver of the special purpose vehicle told us that in summer, the surface temperature is high, which is the high incidence season of tire burst. Therefore, tire pressure should be checked frequently. It is important to know that if the vehicle is overloaded and the tire pressure is low, the contact area between the tire and the road surface will increase, friction will increase, high-speed driving will easily be squeezed and deformed, and the strength of the tire will decrease. At this time, if the temperature is too high, the tire will easily burst.


2. Refuse to fatigue driving

Summer days are long and nights are short, coupled with rising temperatures, people are prone to sleepiness, especially in the afternoon when driving, it is very easy to fatigue, when the driver's attention is difficult to concentrate, judgment will decline, it is easy to doze, driving is prone to accidents. So you can't drive tiredly.


3. Regular inspection of vehicle line to prevent vehicle spontaneous combustion

In hot summer, auto-ignition accidents occur every year, so we need to check the line of the vehicle frequently, replace the aging line in time, prevent oil leakage and other phenomena, which can greatly reduce the auto-ignition rate of the vehicle.


4. Vehicle braking should be reasonable to prevent braking overheating

High temperature weather will bring some challenges to the braking of vehicles, especially those running on mountain roads. Brake overheating is very

dangerous during the braking process. Brake failure is often caused by overheating of the brake.

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5. Try not to overload

Vehicle overload, its inertia will increase, braking distance will become longer, if encounter unexpected circumstances, it is difficult to control vehicles, especially concrete mixing trucks, the vehicle's center of gravity is high, it is easy to rollover, tire burst and other accidents, we must bear in mind: safety first.


6. Attention should be paid to the use of vehicle air conditioning in summer

In the hot summer, many vehicles will use air conditioning, many drivers in order to cool, air conditioning temperature will be adjusted very low, too low temperature for drivers with cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, shoulder vertebrae and other occupational diseases, will aggravate the condition, affecting driving.