Tips for maintenance of overhead working vehicle

- Dec 03, 2019-

(1) before carrying out maintenance operations for the overhead working vehicle, the relevant sections in the instructions should be carefully read and strictly operated according to the safe operation instructions.


(2) personnel who are not trained and qualified shall not carry out maintenance work. In case of any doubt during the work, contact the manufacturer in time.


(3) before the maintenance of the moving parts (such as turntable, arm, platform, etc.) of the overhead working vehicle, appropriate articles shall be used to support them firmly to avoid the sudden falling of the parts, so as to prevent accidents.

 Overhead Working Truck

(4) when the engine is running, it is not allowed to carry out maintenance operations (except for special circumstances requiring engine operation).


(5) the hydraulic oil shall be replaced once every 1000h. If it is found that the hydraulic oil has deteriorated in use, it shall be replaced immediately.


(6) before disassembling the parts in the oil circuit, shut down the engine and confirm that the oil pressure inside the pipeline has been released.


(7) check whether there are cracks and desoldering in the welding joints, especially in the key parts such as the working platform, boom, turntable and subframe. If there is any, stop using immediately and inform the manufacturer for maintenance. Do not repair without permission under the condition of unknown material, welding rod model and welding process, so as to prevent false welding and potential accidents.