Tips for operation of dump garbage truck

- Aug 01, 2019-

Dump garbage truck can tilt the carriage to a certain angle, and then empty the garbage truck inside the truck itself out. The operation of dump garbage truck is very simple, but it must be operated correctly according to the operation. Here are some operational considerations for the driver's friends to refer to.

 garbage truck

1. If abnormal movement is found in the operation of hydraulic system, it should stop working immediately, analyze the causes and troubleshoot. Do not force the operation.


2. Whether connected or disconnected, the clutch pedal must be stepped down; the garbage truck must not enter the driving state when the power take-off and multi-way reversing valve are in working state.


3. The pressure regulating device of the hydraulic system is the pressure regulating bolt on the multi-way reversing valve. After the pressure adjustment and locking, the bolt can not be adjusted at will in use. Users are allowed to adjust the oil pressure at will.


4. Fast landing is not allowed when the truck is loaded. It should be controlled by controlling the reversing valve to slow landing.


5. When lifting a truck due to changing oil, cleaning and overhaul, it is necessary to support the trunk support rod to prevent sudden drop of the truck and accidents.


6. When lifting and unloading, the flat and solid ground should be chosen for parking and dumping, and the trunk should rise slowly with the discharge of materials, so as to avoid the overturning of the vehicle or the head lifting.


7. When washing a car, water should not be washed into the hydraulic oil tank, the height of the hydraulic oil surface should be checked frequently, and when the hydraulic oil is insufficient, it should be filled in time, and all the oil line joints should not leak.


8. During overhaul, collision, damage, deformation and scratch of parts should be avoided, and parts must be cleaned when assembled.


Above is the operation precautions of dump garbage truck. No matter what kind of garbage truck is used, drivers must operate it correctly according to the instructions of the truck, otherwise, the vehicle will be damaged and the operation efficiency will be affected.