Tips for sprinkler refueling

- Jul 18, 2019-

Sprinkler refueling is a common and trivial matter for owners, but in trivial matters, there are also some very practical skills. Sprinkler refueling is very learned. Let's take a look at it.

 8000-liters-Right-hand-driven-Sprinkler-Truck _2

1. It's better to refuel in the morning or at night. Avoid refueling when the temperature is high at noon. Because gasoline is charged by volume rather than by weight, it expands and contracts by heat. When refueling in the morning or at night, the same volume of gasoline can have more quality and save a lot.


2. Do your best to refuel in litres rather than in dollars. Because after rounding, you often lose your money invisibly.


3. Before running long distances, add fresh oil, which will give you full horsepower at high speeds.


4. Running downtown, please fill half or two-thirds of the tank (increase or decrease depending on location), because the city often stops and goes, if you fill up, it will increase the load of the engine, start poorly and make the car fuel consumption, and there are many gas stations in the city, not afraid of no place to add.


5. If the sprinkler drives less often, it is recommended to keep the fuel volume low, because the gasoline will deteriorate after a long time.


6. If you are about to enter the gas station and find a tank truck parked on the tank, please turn around and continue to find the next gas station. Because of the oil tank truck replenishment, there is a lot of deposition at the bottom of the tank for many years, which is likely to be added to your tank.