Tips for summer driving

- Dec 30, 2019-

1. Never drive at high speed for a long time in hot summer. Stop frequently to let the tire release the accumulated heat during long-term driving and prevent the tire from self ignition.


2. It's a good choice to install auxiliary brake system such as engine brake and retarder if possible. If not, it's also a good choice to install water drenching device to cool the tire steel ring.


3. Pay attention to the inspection of vehicle circuit, tighten the circuit in time when it is found that there is loose friction, and replace the circuit in time when it is found that there is aging.


4. do not put lighters, perfume and so on in the cab. At high temperatures, these things are easy to self ignite.


5. when transporting goods, we must pay attention to the varieties of goods, such as cotton, coking coal, cloth and waste paper. We must pay attention to that a spark from a cigarette butt will cause the burning of goods.


6. If conditions permit, try to buy a self ignition insurance for the vehicle, pass the risk of self ignition on to the warranty company, and minimize the loss in case of self ignition.


7. In high temperature weather, the tire will expand due to heat, and the tire pressure will be too high. In addition, when driving at high speed, there will be a risk of tire blowout in case of sundries collision. Especially for dumpers and trucks, due to the general overload, the air pressure is generally too high. In the hot weather in summer, we should pay more attention to make the tires within the standard air pressure range, and it is better not to overload.


8. The brake system of the vehicle shall be checked frequently. The brake failure is one of the important causes of tire blowout.


9. Tire spontaneous combustion is also very easy to cause tire blowout. In case of spontaneous combustion, call 119 immediately, and try to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher at the initial stage. When the fire is big, keep away from the tire to prevent personal injury caused by tire explosion.


10. The premise is to have a good rest before driving. During the day, drive a certain distance and rest in the service area for a period of time to relieve fatigue and try to drive less in the second half of the night.


11. Try to drive together for a long distance at night and take turns to rest.


12. You can listen to music, eat some areca and mint snacks, drink strong tea, coffee and red bull when you are sleepy, and apply some essential balm and cool oil.


13. The best way is to rest for a while. If you are too sleepy, you must find a service area to sleep. Do not drive tired. Safety first.