Tips in Maintenance and Repair of High Pressure Cleaning Truck

- Jul 11, 2019-

Many drivers drive high pressure cleaning trucks, but they do not understand some simple maintenance and repair. Occasionally, due to the failure of the vehicles, they delay everyone's work, which reduces work efficiency.

 cleaning truck

1. Common problems of transmission device:

The energy transmission equipment between the generator and the driving wheel of the high pressure cleaning truck is called the gear box system of the high pressure cleaning truck.

(1) Check whether the joints and fasteners of the high pressure cleaning truck are loose or not;

(2) Check whether there is oil leakage or not at the seals and joints of the high pressure cleaning truck.

(3) Check whether the components of the high pressure cleaning truck run lightly, conveniently and stably, and whether there are any abnormal noises such as impact and vibration.

(4) whether the temperature rise exceed 40 degrees


2. Common problems of waterway system:

The waterway system is the first of the key components of the high pressure cleaning truck, which is composed of water purification tank, pumps, accumulator, electric heating pipe and so on.

(1) Before the high pressure cleaning truck works, check whether the seals and joints are leaking or not. Otherwise, remove the sealing ring.

(2) The high pressure cleaning truck operates for ten days to check several times, and then several times a month later, to see whether there are fine sand and other dirty dirt in the filter device;

(3) High pressure pump cleaning, stained on the surface of the truck body sand will be washed away.


After the shutdown of the high-pressure cleaning truck, many repairs have been carried out, and the key components are coated with vegetable oil for preservation. For more details, please refer to the instructions for the use of the high-pressure cleaning truck.