Trailer brakes

- Aug 01, 2019-


This series of semi-trailers uses double-pipeline inflation brake system.

The service braking system includes air connector, inflating line, control line, synchronous emergency relay valve, air reservoir, brake chamber, wheel brake, etc.. 

The air connector of the inflating line is connected with the air reservoir of the tractor, and the one connector of the control line with the brake valve of the tractor. 

All brake cambers function simultaneously when the semi-trailer brakes.

When the driver steps on the brake pedal, all brake chambers function, and normal foot brake realizes. 

When the inflating line leaks or blows out and the semi-trailer separates from the tractor in travelling suddenly, the semi-trailer can brake automatically. 

When the truck combination stops and the semi-trailer separates from the tractor, the semi-trailer can also brake automatically. 

If stopping time is short, it is not necessary to use the parking brake.

The parking brake is controlled by the energy storage spring brake system of the semi-trailer. 

The wheel brake can act as parking brake. Use this device when parking or stopping on the slope.