Transmission maintenance

- Dec 02, 2019-

The frequency of transmission maintenance varies according to the degree of use of the vehicle. Here are some problems that are easy to be ignored:


1. For the vehicle in manual gear, whether it is in high-speed gear or low-speed gear, it is necessary to shift at a proper speed as far as possible to avoid sudden slowing down or shaking of the bus between shifts. At the same time, remember to fully step on the clutch when shifting.


2. When the bus moves forward, avoid shifting to reverse gear; similarly, when the car is sliding backward, avoid shifting to forward gear, and wait for the car to stop completely before shifting.


3. When you stop uphill due to red light or other reasons, you should stop the car with the brake. Do not use the power of the engine to drag the car to prevent backward slip. For example, some drivers like to use the method of half pressing the clutch and half pressing the accelerator to prevent the car from backing up, but this will cause the engine and transmission to be worn.


4. When driving a car in manual gear, do not have the habit of putting your foot on the clutch to drive, because this will also accelerate the wear of the clutch.


5. When you have to stop for a while, you should shift to neutral or turn off the engine.