Truck winter maintenance

- Nov 28, 2019-

1. Make sure that the filling port is clean when filling each time to avoid pipeline blockage caused by water and dirt entering the cylinder. After filling, fasten the dust cover of the filling seat and the gas return seat.


2. the engine coolant must use the antifreeze produced by the regular manufacturer, and the antifreeze shall not be lower than the lowest scale of the water tank to avoid the abnormal vaporization of the carburetor.


3. if the pipeline or valve freezes, use clean and oil-free warm water or hot nitrogen to defrost, and then do the operation again. Do not knock with a hammer.


4. the filter element must be cleaned or replaced in time to avoid the filter element being too dirty and blocking the pipeline.


5. before the vehicle stops, it needs to idle for 3 minutes. After the water temperature is stable, stop the vehicle with power off.


6. when the vehicle is parked overnight, the booster valve, liquid outlet valve and vent valve shall be closed, and the vehicle shall be started until the automatic flameout, so as to avoid the ice blockage of the pipeline due to the low temperature at night.


7. The pressurization coil shall not be frozen. If it is frozen or dirty, it shall be cleaned in time to ensure the smooth pressurization


8. when the vehicle is started, it needs to idle for 3 minutes, and then run the vehicle when the water temperature reaches 40 ℃.


9. before driving, open the liquid outlet valve (clockwise is closed, counterclockwise is open). When opening, please operate slowly. Too fast opening speed may cause the overflow valve to close automatically, and the gas cylinder will not be able to supply air.


10. regularly check and fasten the pipe joints of gas cylinders every week. It is strictly prohibited to knock the pipes or joints with hammers or other hard objects.