Use and Maintenance of Oil Tank Truck

- Jun 27, 2019-

Speaking of oil tank trucks, I believe most consumers are very familiar with them. Because of the fuel supply service of oil tank trucks, the drivers who encountered fuel crisis on the way were rescued. At the same time, due to the unique nature and characteristics of oil tank trucks, people pay more attention to driving and maintaining oil tank trucks than the general requirements of vehicles, especially in explosion-proof and fire prevention. In order to better ensure the use of oil trucks, here to tell you about the use of vehicles and some maintenance techniques.


1. Points for Attention in Use of Vehicles

Oil tank trucks can better develop their capabilities, which is inseparable from the details of daily use of oil tank trucks, such as:

(1) When supplying power to the power supply system of the tanker, the voltage within the rated voltage range must be used to charge the tanker. Excessive voltage supply can easily burn down the computer components of the vehicle.

(2) When using the fuel supply of vehicle itself, the fuel supply pump and pipeline should have the overflow valve equipment. Even if there is no modification in the standard matching of the vehicle, the overflow valve should be emphasized when customizing the oil tank truck, because there is no overflow valve to fuel the vehicle, which can easily lead to the damage of the refueller.

(3) When filling oil tank, it must be injected with filter in order to achieve the effect of cleaning oil. When filling oil, it is necessary to replace new filter equipment in time when less oil is found or the filter is damaged.


2. Some Maintenance Skills to Be Mastered in Use

Knowing how to maintain the oil tank truck is an important means to improve the life and efficiency of the oil tank truck, so it is necessary for the relevant personnel to master some skills in the normal maintenance process of the tanker, especially in key parts and systems, such as:

(1) The lubrication system of the vehicle needs to drive 5000-10000 kilometers to clean up the engine. It also needs to be maintained when there is too much noise or weak acceleration.

(2) For the gearbox of a vehicle, it is necessary to clean up the oil contamination and replace the sealing gasket when the gearbox shifts slowly, the water temperature is too high, and the system leaks.

(3) For the power steering system, cooling system and braking system of the oil tank truck, they also need to be replaced and repaired within a specific mileage in order to keep the good performance of the oil tank truck.