Use and Maintenance of School Bus GPS Driving Recorder

- Aug 22, 2019-

With the rapid development of social economy, it is the current trend to replace walking with cars, and school buses that take students to and from school are springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. School bus safety naturally becomes the most concerned topic in the current society. In order to strengthen the safety management of school buses, the new national standard school buses require GPS driving recorder. Many car owners ignore the maintenance of GPS driving recorder after installing it. Today, I will talk about the use and maintenance of GPS driving recorder for school buses.

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Correct use of GPS drivingrecorder is also a maintenance of it. The correct use of GPS drivingrecorder is as follows:

1. Correct Use Order

Maybe many school bus owners don't care about the sequence of switches when they use the drivingrecorder. After the use of the school bus, they habitually pull the plug directly, but they don't know that this kind of behavior can easily damage the electronic components and shorten the service life of the drivingrecorder. The correct way to do this is to close the page first, then shut down, and finally unplug the plug.


2. Correct charging method

The charging mode of the driving recorder is the same as that of the previous nickel battery cell phone. It is better to charge for 10 hours three times before the first use, so as to maximize the battery storage capacity.


Maintenance of GPS Driving Recorder

1. Dust-proof: GPS driving recorder is easy to be covered with a lot of dust due to static electricity in the process of use, so the owner should close the door after each use, and wipe the dust on it.


2. Anti-sun exposure: After cleaning the GPS driving recorder, do not let the driving recorder screen touch sharp objects, which will affect the touch sensitivity of the navigator screen, and try to avoid exposure in the sun, which affects the life of the navigation battery.


3. Moisture-proof: Moisture-proof is a must for every electrical appliance. GPS driving recorder should be kept in a dry place as far as possible in case it is not used, so that it can be used next time.