WABCO Develops New Autonomous Driving Technology

- Sep 19, 2018-

Recently, WABCO develops Autonomous Driving Open Platform Technology(ADOPT). The platform includes the leading braking system, steering system, stability control system, power transmission system and suspension system.

The ADOPT initially developed by WABC aims to establish an open autonomous driving ecosystem. Bound up in the braking, steering and dynamic control system, WABCO cooperates with strategic partners. Furthermore, their customers also have the chance to participate in buliding the ADOPT ecosystem. They can design and create the specific customer solution. WABCO will be committed to helping customers build competitive advantages of autonomous driving.

ADOPT will offer an efficient and flexible mode. The new technology promotes the industrial collaboration and autonomous driving can be jointly developed. Meanwhile, WABCO will assist their parters to accelerate the research of the solution, make differences and optimize the investment. WABCO and their parters will optimize the decision of autonomous driving.