What about the high temperature of mixer engine in summer

- Jul 29, 2019-

Now has entered the dog days, these days the temperature is as high as 37 C, most people will choose not to go out, or less, but for vehicles, it is not so good, construction site every day, mixer can not stop, high temperature weather for mixer is also a severe test, especially hair. Engine high temperature fault, today I will introduce to you the solution of engine high temperature fault.

 mixer truck

1. The engine is hot, but the coolant does not decrease.

That is to say, the engine of concrete mixer truck is overheated, but the cooling system works normally. At this time, the idling speed of the engine should be maintained, the extinguishing of the engine should be strictly prohibited, and the surface of the radiator should be poured with cold water to accelerate cooling. When the temperature drops to about 50 degrees, the water tank cover should be turned with a wet towel to cool down. Finally, the calibration of the fuel gauge must be checked. Within the normal range.


2. Engine water temperature is too high, cooling system circulation failure.

The engine water temperature is too high, there are many reasons for the failure of cooling system circulation, such as the damage of thermostat, cooling silicone oil fan, fan belt and so on, which lead to the cooling system can not work properly. First of all, the engine idle state should be maintained, cooling the radiator with cold water. When the temperature of the engine drops below 80 degrees, intermittent extinguishing, stepping on the extinguishing switch or unplugging the sensor of the EFI system should be adopted. The engine is driven by the starter. 10-15 seconds is a running cycle. The engine runs in a cooling way. Finally, the oil ruler is checked. Is the degree within the normal range.


3. Leakage or loss of coolant and dry burning of engine cooling system

When the engine runs without coolant, especially in summer, it will cause serious accidents. At this time, it is invalid to use any cooling water to pour the radiator to cool down, and the engine can not dissipate heat when it runs. At this time, when the engine is idling, open the oil filling port and fill the lubricating oil quickly. This is mainly because in the condition of complete water shortage, the engine lubricating oil will evaporate at high temperature and must be quickly replenished. After adding the lubricating oil, the engine must be extinguished, and any method should be taken to make the engine extinguish the oil and start the starter at the same time. The passive engine runs for 10 seconds and stops for 5 seconds to maintain this frequency. It is better to damage a starter, but also to keep the engine, so as to avoid serious accidents such as sticking and pulling cylinders to the greatest extent.