What are the matters needing attention in operation for cleaning truck?

- Jul 10, 2019-

Cleaning truck and sweeping truck require correct operation, as the correct operation of vehicles is an important prerequisite for ensuring the normal operation of equipment, reducing the failure rate and prolonging the service life of the equipment. So what are the matters needing attention in operation for cleaning truck?

 cleaning truck

1. When the water temperature of the auxiliary engine reaches 55 degrees Celsius, full load operation is allowed. The water temperature of the main engine and the auxiliary engine shall not exceed 95 degrees Celsius during the whole operation. When the engine water temperature exceeds the allowable value or the oil pressure is too low, and give an alarm, we should stop immediately and check it.


2. During operation, attention should be paid to whether the reading of each instrument is normal, and whether there are abnormal sounds and odors in chassis, auxiliary engines, fans, suction nozzles, cleaning and washing devices.


3. All operation should be carried out at idle speed, and auxiliary engine hand throttle control should be slowly raised or lowered.


4. When cleaning, if there are large obstacles on the road or rubbish larger than the inner diameter of suction pipe, it should not be forced through, so as to avoid damaging the sweeping dish or suction nozzle and other structural parts.


5. When working, we should always pay attention to the shoulder condition. We must not be too close to the road to avoid damaging the sweeping dish and nozzle.


6. After spraying the water in the clean water tank, it should be replenished in time so as to avoid the heat damage caused by the running of the pump due to lack of water.


7. When the sewage tank alarms, the operation should be stopped immediately and sewage or garbage should be discharged to avoid sewage or garbage inhalation fan.


8. When the garbage bin needs to be lifted for maintenance or overhaul, it must be supported reliably by a support rod. Before the garbage bin is returned, the safety measures must be ensured until the personnel are safe.


9. When cleaning the car-washing gun or garbage bin, it is necessary to open the corresponding manual high-pressure ball valve switch at the rear, and then open the electric control switch for cleaning the car-washing gun and the garbage bin. When carrying out other operation modes, the water outlet ball valve and electronic switch of car-washing gun and garbage bin should be closed.


Above is the operation matters needing attention of the cleaning truck in the actual operation. Drivers can operate according to the matters needing attention mentioned above to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle