What faults will happen to the school bus clutch

- Oct 24, 2019-

The clutch of school bus is a device to cut off or transfer the engine power to the transmission, which is an important part of the vehicle. In the process of driving, the driver needs to press and release the clutch pedal to make the engine and gearbox run reasonably. The common fault phenomena of clutch can be divided into the following types:

 School Bus

1. Clutch shaking. When the school bus starts, the clutch cannot be smoothly engaged and vibrates.


2. The clutch rings. When the sound occurs after joining or joining, the sound will disappear or weaken when the clutch is separated.


3. The clutch slips. When the clutch pedal is fully released, it is still difficult for the school bus to start; the vehicle speed cannot be increased with the increase of engine speed; when heavy load, climbing or driving resistance is large, it can smell burnt odor.


4. The clutch is not completely separated and the power cannot be completely cut off.