What if the poor effect of cleaning truck?

- Jul 11, 2019-

The cleaning truck has the function of cleaning while sweeping and sucking, so as soon as the truck passes, the road surface will be clean. If the cleaning truck can not clean garbage and soil well and other phenomena, indicating that its cleaning effect is poor, we need to find the root cause. So what are the reasons that lead to poor cleaning effect?

 high pressure cleaning truck_front

1. Improper inclination or rotational speed of sweeper.

Elimination Method: adjusting sweeper inclination and speed.


2. The brush was worn too short.

Elimination Method: replace the brush.


3. The road is too dirty and the speed is too fast.

Elimination Method: check the water system and adjust to the appropriate water pressure.


4. Insufficient pressure in waterway system.

Elimination Method: reduce truck speed and properly increase secondary throttle speed.


5. Suction duct is clogged.

Elimination Method: check whether the suction pipe is blocked and clean the filter screen of the garbage bin.


6. Leakage of vacuum system, unsealed back door or rupture of rubber suction pipe.

Elimination Method: adjust or replace the seals of each interface of the garbage bin, close the back door or replace the rubber pipette.


7. The working clearance of suction nozzle is too high, too low or the side wheel is damaged.

Elimination Method: adjust side wheel to ensure suction nozzle off-ground height or replace side wheel.


8. The speed of auxiliary engine or fan and high-pressure water pump is too low, and the transmission belt is slippery.

Elimination Method: check and adjust the auxiliary throttle control system, tighten the belt of fan and high pressure water pump.


9. The water withdrawal angle of the left and right rods and the angle of the nozzles of the rods have not been adjusted properly. The fan-shaped water is not well connected or the nozzle is blocked and damaged.

Elimination Method: adjust the water withdrawal angle of the left and right rods and the angle of the nozzles of the rods and the overlap degree of fan-shaped water recruitment, clean or replace high pressure nozzles.

 high pressure cleaning truck_rear

Above is when the cleaning car has poor cleaning effect, we can check the reasons one by one and eliminate it. Drivers can only help people create a good environment if they keep their cleaning truck in good condition.