What is liable to corrode the paint of road sweepers

- Aug 30, 2019-

The purpose of road sweeper paint is to ensure that the body is durable and the appearance is clean and beautiful. From the first day of road sweeper, it is necessary to prevent acid rain, bird droppings, iron powder and so on, because they will cause great corrosion to the road sweeper paint.


1. acid rain

Nowadays, environmental problems have become a major problem. For example, Beijing has changed from an acid-free area to a "black list" of acid-rain cities. In August 2008, 80% of the rain in Beijing was acid rain. Acid rain refers to rain or snow whose pH value is less than 5.6, which reacts with the road sweeper paint, reduces the decorative effect and protective ability of the road sweeper paint, and makes the body paint of the road sweeperr appear densely dotted.


2. Bird droppings

If bird droppings on road sweeper paints are treated every other day, the paint surface may be corroded into a pit by strong acid bird droppings. Coating can reduce the attachment of bird droppings, gently wipe, can remove bird droppings, will not corrode the paint surface of road sweeper.


3. Iron powder

The air is filled with a large amount of invisible metal dust. When the road sweeper is running, the iron powder directly penetrates the paint surface under the inertia effect, and when the iron powder oxidizes, it drives the paint of the road sweeper to corrode quickly from inside to outside.


4. gum

The sweeper parked under the tree should be careful about the threat of gum. Because the gum is transparent and colorless, careless sweepers are hard to detect. Solidified gum can cause pits in the paint surface of road sweepers, and serious cracks.