What is the cause of oil leak in sprinkler

- Jul 26, 2019-

Any product will have problems after using for a period of time, sprinkler is no exception. Some customers recently asked why their vehicle had oil leakage in the previous period of driving, and what caused it?

 sprinkler truck

Common causes of oil leakage of sprinkler


1. After the blockage of the air plug and one-way valve, because of the pressure difference between the gas inside and outside the tank shell, oil leakage will often occur where the seal of the tank is weak.

2. Lubricating oil must not be added at will. It must be added according to the relevant instructions. Excessive or incorrect addition of lubricating oil will cause oil leakage.

3. Oil tank sealing materials are often used without attention to maintenance, long-term wear and tear, aging and deterioration, tank deformation and failure.

4. If the sprinkler has quality problems, or the process and material are not good, and the tank structure design has problems, it will cause oil leakage.

 sprinkler truck

Solution to Oil Leakage


If the oil leak is caused by incorrect filling, all the oil in the tank should be discharged, and the tank should be cleaned and added to the regular oil. The oil leak caused by the damage of the oil tank needs to be replaced. Don't worry about this money. The oil leak of the oil tank will bring hidden dangers to your life. In addition, the lubricant can not be added at will.


If the sprinkler runs fast in hot weather and leaks oil, it will be a very dangerous thing. In hot weather, gasoline belongs to flammable goods, which is likely to kill drivers. Therefore, drivers need to check their vehicles every other time to avoid some accidents.