What is the difference between maintenance and repair of sprinkler

- Oct 28, 2019-

Many users don't have a clear concept in the maintenance and repair of sprinklers. What's more, they think they are the same. In fact, they are not. Let me tell you the difference between the maintenance and repair of sprinklers from three perspectives:


First of all, the operation technical measures of the two are different. What is the operation technical measures? That is, maintenance is to plan the maintenance of the sprinkler ahead of time and take the forced operation, while repair is to implement the planned operation according to the demand.


Secondly, the operation time is different. The maintenance is to maintain the vehicle at the stage when there is no fault. The repair is the maintenance operation after the sprinkler fails.


Finally, the purpose of the operation is different. Maintenance is to prevent the sprinkler from failure, maintain the major parts, reduce wear and prolong service life, while repair is to recover the failed parts, and put the damaged parts into use again after maintenance.