What problems should we pay attention to during the running-in period of the newly purchased mixer?

- Aug 06, 2019-

Mixer is mainly composed of special purpose vehicle chassis, upper tank and hydraulic system. In recent years, influenced by the real estate industry, the use of mixer is increasing. Because the mixer belongs to the special purpose vehicle, it is different from other vehicles in operation, especially the newly bought mixer needs to pay close attention in the running-in period. Now I will introduce to you what problems the concrete mixer should pay attention to in the running-in period.


1. The newly purchased mixer needs to tighten the bolts of the whole vehicle after half a month of use, especially the "U" bolts connecting the auxiliary beam and the chassis, followed by the bolts between the reducer and the tank. When tightening, the tightening moment should reach 300-350Nm.


2. Hydraulic system is also very important. The hydraulic system must replace the high-pressure anti-wear hydraulic oil after 250 hours of initial use, and then every 2500 hours of use, but the time for oil change should not exceed one year at most. At the same time, it is better to replace the radiator filter.


3. The gear oil of heavy load should be replaced every 2500 hours after the first use of the reducer, but the oil change time should not exceed one year.


4. During the normal operation of mixer, when the reading of radiator vacuum gauge exceeds 0.03 MPa, the hydraulic oil and filter element should be replaced immediately.


5. Radiator temperature control switch is to automatically control the operation and stop of the fan, do not arbitrarily adjust.


6. The transmission shaft connecting the chassis and the hydraulic pump should be filled with lithium grease lubricant every week.


7. Every time the mixing tank is discharged, it must clean the inside and outside of the tank and the feeding and discharging devices in order to prevent excessive concrete from sticking in the tank. Generally, a thorough cleaning should be carried out in about three months.


8. Lithium grease lubricant should be added weekly to the contact surface between the guide rail of mixing tank and the supporting wheel


9. The inspection hole of the tank body is the "manhole" used for the internal maintenance of the tank body. If necessary, the ready-mixed concrete released from the tank can be opened.


10. Lithium grease lubricating oil is added to the main parts such as supporting wheel, unloading shaft and control system every week to ensure its flexibility.