What's the difference between sprinkler truck, high-pressure cleaning truck and sweeper truck?

- Jul 15, 2019-

The sprinkler truck can wash the isolation belt, highway guardrails and sidewalks, etc. It can also wash, water and spray medicines on garden trees. High-pressure water cannon can be installed for high-altitude spraying to broaden the use of products. It can be used for temporary emergency fire fighting.


The difference is that sprinkler truck are mainly used to sprinkle water, and transport more water than the other two special purpose vehicles.


High-pressure cleaning truck are mainly used to clean urban sewers, pipeline sediments, dredging of dead-end mud ditches, cleaning industrial drainage pipelines, walls, cleaning highways, square floors, etc. and can also be used for sprinkling, transporting water and flushing highways. Vehicles can be equipped with auxiliary fire fighting and greening irrigation functions.


The sweeper truck integrates the functions of road sweeper, high-pressure cleaning truck and low-pressure cleaning truck. It has many functions such as road cleaning, road washing, high pressure cleaning, curb cleaning, garbage collection, sewage recovery, spray and road wall cleaning. It integrates sprinkler, road sweeper and high-pressure cleaning truck. It can be seen as an upgraded version, representing the progress of science and technology.