What should be paid attention to in running in period of newly purchased wrecker

- Dec 29, 2019-

New vehicles, whether private cars or special cars, or large trailers, generally have a running in period. Why? Because when the new car leaves the factory, there are errors in the processing accuracy and assembly process of the parts, so the running in of a certain mileage will have an important impact on its safety and economy. The running in mileage of the general household car is about 1000-2500 km, the imported car is longer, about 1500-3000 km; the running in mileage of the special car is generally 5000 km , what should be paid attention to during running in period of the wrecker in the special vehicle?


1. Pay attention to the driving speed. During the running in period, the wrecker can't drive below the speed of 60 km / h for a long time. It is necessary to gradually increase the speed, and remember not to accelerate abruptly, so that the new car will not adapt and should slowly increase the speed. The new engine cannot drive at high gear and low speed, nor at low gear and high speed.


2. During the running in period, it is important to note that the vehicle should not be overloaded during the running in period. It is not allowed to brake urgently or drive at high speed for a long time, which will accelerate the wear of the new car. During the emergency braking, all parts of the vehicle will brake suddenly, which will have a great impact on the engine parts, thus causing damage to the parts. During the running in period, the parts of the car are relatively rough, and the car will wear for a long time, friction is easy to produce high temperature, high temperature on vehicle, the parts will also be damaged.


3. Maintenance: many people think that the new car doesn't need maintenance, which is wrong. The new car also needs maintenance. Maintain the car within the mileage range of running in period, pay attention to observe the changes of various parts, tighten the loose parts in time, and check the tire pressure frequently. The replacement of engine oil requires the use of label oil specified in the maintenance manual, and the replacement of all other lubricating oils requires the use of the specified lubricant.


During the running in period, the maintenance of the wrecker should be more careful, which can not only prolong the service life of various parts, but also extend the service life of the whole wrecker. Of course, even after the running in period, the maintenance of the vehicle still needs to be continued. Only in this way can you get more benefits.