What should be paid attention to in use of dump truck (1)

- Dec 07, 2019-

key points of safe operation:


① in the process of vehicle washing, maintenance and grease filling, the vehicle shall be lifted up and the support rod and safety pin shall be fixed firmly.


② special tools shall be used for oil change and removal of lifting pump and oil pipe.

 Dump Truck

③ when carrying out the above work, the wheel must be braked with the hand brake, and the stop plates shall be added at the front and rear wheels.


④ when carrying out professional maintenance in the maintenance factory, the top of the truck body shall be hoisted by the crane (lifting state).


⑤ when the dump truck is overturned, people should never enter under the truck.


⑥ when removing the water and goods in the trunk, people should never enter under the trunk.


⑦ do not drive when the trunk is lifted.


⑧ before driving, it is necessary to check and make sure that the car body is in a safe state.