What should be paid attention to in use of dump truck (2)

- Dec 08, 2019-

Safety measures:


① the goods on the vehicle shall be evenly distributed as far as possible to avoid overload of the axle.


② when loading, the goods shall be poured in when they are closest to the vehicle.


③ when operating the power take-off to engage, first step down the clutch pedal, so as to avoid impact damage during gear engagement.

 Dump Truck

④ do not drive when connecting the power output shaft.


⑤ the loaded truck body shall avoid rapid descent and emergency stop.


⑥ it is necessary to avoid tipping over the car box on uneven ground or soft ground, and it is not allowed to tilt over the car box on left and right inclined ground.


⑦ when dumping large materials, the fence board shall be removed.


⑧ when driving, the handle of the pneumatic control valve shall be reliably locked in the "stop" position to ensure that the power take-off is disengaged and to prevent the oil pump from running and leading to the lifting of the car body.


⑨ if the hydraulic system does not work for a long time, when it is used again, it shall be operated under no-load condition for 15min (at this time, the vehicle is lifted to the maximum angle), and then slowly lift the vehicle several times to check whether all parts are normal.