What should be paid attention to when driving dangerous chemicals transportation vehicles safely?

- Jul 03, 2020-

Five points must be checked before going on the road:

1. Whether the vehicle number plate is installed intact, whether the safety inspection signs and insurance signs are placed correctly, and whether the driving license, road transportation license and road transportation permit for highly toxic chemicals are complete and valid, and should be carried along with the vehicle.

2. Whether the safety devices such as vehicle marking lights, signs, reflective signs, side rear protection devices, fire extinguishers are in good condition, and whether the satellite positioning device is working properly

3. Whether the vehicle braking, lighting, steering and other safety systems meet the operating requirements, whether the tire specifications are qualified and the wear is normal.

4. Whether the emergency cut-off device for the transportation of liquid dangerous goods tankers is in good condition and closed.

5. Whether the driver's driver's license, driver's and escort's professional qualification certificates and other documents are complete and valid, and should be carried with you.

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