what should pay attention to garbage truck in hot summer

- Jul 29, 2019-

In hot weather, the temperature is high and garbage can not be stored for long, so the daily use frequency of sanitation garbage trucks is much higher than that of other seasons. With the high surface temperature and the high use frequency of garbage trucks, tire burst, spontaneous combustion and fuel consumption increase the incidence of these safety accidents. In order to ensure the correct and effective use and maintenance of sanitation garbage trucks in hot weather, the following driving precautions should be kept in mind:

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1. Tyre pressure needs to be lowered

In hot weather, the road surface temperature may reach 60 - 70 degrees Celsius. If the tire pressure is too high on the road, it is easy to burst when touching the weak part of the tire slightly. Especially in high-speed or long-distance driving, tire pressure is easy to rise, and easy to cause tire burst, in order to be safe, car owners should stop at this time to reduce pressure. And after driving in hot weather, do not rush to wash the tire. Because the tire has a high contact temperature with the ground for a long time, it suddenly suffers from cold water shock, which easily causes the tire wall to be deformed or uneven, and the cold shrinkage around the tire wall will also pack up, leading to tire burst.


2. Air conditioning needs preheating

With the arrival of summer weather, air conditioning is needed to reduce the temperature inside the cab to ensure safe driving. However, due to the long-term absence of air conditioning, it is better to warm up 5 minutes in advance before use. At the same time, often clean the condenser, so that the effect of air conditioning is also good. And because the air conditioner has not been used for a long time, the oil sinks into the compressor. Suddenly heavy load will cause harm to it. So it can turn on the air conditioner at noon every day for 5 minutes to preheat, so that the oil can achieve lubrication.


3. Preventing spontaneous combustion

After the summer weather, it may often rain heavily. At this time, the truck should try to avoid wading. Because there are many electric equipments and complicated lines in trucks, it is easy to cause short circuit or even spontaneous combustion after water intake. Maintaining the normal operation of the line and preventing sundries from seeping into the line or engine parts along the wind and sewage will undoubtedly prevent spontaneous combustion. And fire-prone items such as lighter and perfume bottle are not allowed to be caught in the driver's cab.、


4. Weather fatigue is dangerous

In hot weather, it is more muggy, the human body loses a lot of water, and the driver consumes a lot of water. It is more likely that fatigue and inattention will occur. It's better to stop and rest, to get enough sleep, and not to go on the road spiritless. Especially long-distance passengers, try to have two drivers to ensure the safety of travel.

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These are the precautions for driving sanitation garbage trucks in summer weather. Drivers of sanitation garbage trucks need to keep these precautions in mind, so as to minimize the possible losses, which is the best maintenance and repair.