What should we pay attention to when driving dump truck

- Sep 27, 2019-

Dump truck usually travels on bumpy and rugged road sections, transporting soil, sand, and bulk materials. It is often seen in construction sites. Due to the special driving habits of dump trucks, we should also pay attention to the safety of vehicles in the course of driving.

 Dump truck

First of all, the vehicle should not start too hard, pay attention to dead corners, shift coordination (speed and speed collocation) should not be forced to hang. When a vehicle is running, the chassis force takeoff must stop, and the manual operation valve must be in the middle stop position. It is strictly forbidden to operate the manual operation valve to the lifting and descending position. The cargo in the carriage is evenly distributed, and not be heavily eccentrically loaded and dumped.


Secondly, before unloading, we must make sure that there are no personnel on both sides and rear of the vehicle, and check whether the lifting limit device is in good condition. During unloading, we should make the vehicle stand stable. In addition, when lifting the carriage, we should control the engine speed within 2000 r/min, especially after lifting the carriage to 40 degrees, do not increase throttle, lest damage limit valve and other parts.



Finally, when the car is restored to the complete attachment with the upper wing surface of the sub frame, it will be able to use the vehicle, because the moving vehicle in the lifting condition is extremely likely to have faults and accidents.