What to do when the store house cargo trailer trapped

- Dec 21, 2019-

Drivers of store house cargo trailer often encounter difficult roads. If there is rain, it may cause traps. What should do at this time?


Let's talk about single-drive models first. First, if you accidentally step on the pit, because there is only one driving wheel, Don't blindly step on the accelerator and try to save yourself.

If it is difficult to call for rescue in the wild in the wilderness, you can consider self-help first. In front of the tire on the side ,use a tool to dig a groove through which the tire can pass, and lay some hard objects such as wooden boards and stones, and point the direction slightly.


If it is on the construction site, I advise you not to save yourself, because not only does it make you tired, but the effect is not good, it is often futile. Generally there are more construction machinery on the construction site. In the case of heavy vehicles, some of the cargo can also be unloaded on the construction site to reduce the total mass of the vehicle body, so that the rescued vehicle and rescue vehicle are not in trouble.