What to do with the small stones stuck in the tires of special vehicles

- Dec 11, 2019-

Today, I found that there are many small stones stuck on the tires of my sprinkler. Should I pull them out or let them go? I believe that many drivers and friends who drive special vehicles have encountered such a phenomenon as I do. Today, let's listen to how experienced drivers solve this problem.


The reason why the tires of special purpose vehicles get stuck is mainly because of the grooves on the tires. The main function of these grooves is to drain water. In rainy days, the water on the surface of tires can be removed in time in rainy days, so as to increase the holding capacity of tires.

 small stones stuck in the tires

If the groove is blocked or filled with stones at this time, the tires will lose its drainage function, which will affect the braking effect. Therefore, the stones have a great impact on the tires.


Generally, if you see small stones stuck on the tire, just use tools, such as a screwdriver to cut them down. If they are very tight, it is recommended to go to the repair shop to deflate the tire and knock them out again.


Therefore, if a small stone is stuck in the tire of a special vehicle, it must be removed in time to eliminate the potential safety hazard.