Why Aluminum Alloy Tanks Are Preferred

- Jul 01, 2019-

With the continuous progress of trackers, many large trucks began to equip with aluminum alloy fuel tanks. Aluminum alloy fuel tanks have become the standard of major manufacturers. What are the advantages of aluminum alloy fuel tanks that can be favored by everyone?


1. Good corrosion resistance, not easy to produce impurities

In some areas of China, oil quality is relatively poor. Water and other impurities may be mixed in diesel oil. In the long-term use of iron tank, water in diesel oil will slowly corrode the tank and produce a lot of rust. These impurities will seriously affect the diesel fuel system. Aluminum alloy fuel tank itself has good corrosion resistance and can be used properly for many years without rust. For large passenger cars and heavy trucks, which consume a lot of fuel, it is undoubtedly the first choice for vehicles with high fuel quality requirements. Aluminum alloy fuel tank has now occupied more than 80% of the heavy truck fuel tank market.


2. Light weight, meeting the requirements of vehicle lightweight

Nowadays, under the premise of guaranteeing the strength and safety of automobile body, major automobile enterprises are gradually developing towards lightweight. Aluminum alloy is lighter than iron material. Aluminum alloy materials are used in many parts of vehicle configuration, such as aluminium alloy wheel rings, aluminium alloy gas tanks and so on. Aluminum alloy oil tanks will be widely used in trucks.


3. Beautiful appearance, better material of aluminium alloy

There is no need to spray paint on the appearance of aluminium alloy tank. The silver appearance is simple and beautiful. It not only simplifies the process of spraying, but also makes the silver flashing appearance more acceptable to users. Compared with iron material, aluminum alloy material itself has better elongation and is not easy to crack when colliding.


4. Technological maturity and good market prospects

Now the aluminium technology is mature, the production process is environmentally friendly, and the life is long. At the same time, the aluminium material can be recycled. The recycling utilization rate of aluminium alloy fuel tank after scrap is more than 85%. Now the major manufacturers actively promote the aluminum alloy fuel tank, the aluminum alloy fuel tank industry is booming, constantly occupying the fuel tank market, and gradually become the leading direction of the development of fuel tank accessories.