Why does the sprinkler pressure decrease

- Jun 13, 2019-

Perhaps the greatest reduction in sprinkler pressure is the blockage of the filter. What caused the blockage of the filter?


1. Water sources. Many customers draw water from ponds, rivers and other places. There are too many impurities in the water. When pumping water, the filter is easily blocked by impurities, such as sand, plastic bags, vines, algae, or some other impurities. When the water source mixed with impurities enters the pipeline, pump and tank through the intake, it may cause blockage. Even after entering the tank smoothly, in the process of drainage, it is possible to cause blockage of the outlet pipe and pump. At the end of the outlet, it is impossible to discharge directly and sprinkle backward. After these things are pumped into the tank, the sprinkler sprays water out again. With the direction of the water flow, these impurities will gradually accumulate in the filter. Over a long time, the filter will be blocked, and the water flow will be difficult to pass, resulting in a smaller water flow!


2. Water rust. When the sprinkler is old, there will be some water rust in the tank. The more time the water rust takes, the more it will cause the blockage of the filter.


3. Aging or damage of filter screen. In the case of blockage, the filter may be broken or damaged by the erosion of a certain pressure flow. In addition, the filter screen will be used for a long time, there will also be aging phenomenon. Or often clean the filter, causing damage to the filter. Sundries enter the pipeline, causing blockage and water flow reduction.


4. There are sundries in the tank. Because there is a manhole above the tank body of the sprinkler, if it is not closed, or if there are sundries entering the tank, it will cause the blockage of the outlet of the tank body and cause too little pressure and less water output.


5. The pressure of the sprinkler pump is insufficient. As a result, the sprinkler pump can not pump water, and the insufficient pressure of the sprinkler pump is usually caused by two reasons: Insufficient power, too low speed, try to increase the throttle; The impeller runner or suction pipe is blocked or the impeller is worn out. Clean up the pump if it is blocked, and replace the impeller if the impeller is damaged.