Why eat tyres

- May 28, 2019-

Tyre eating refers to abnormal wear and tear of tyres. There are many reasons for tyre eating, and the phenomenon of tyrel eating varies.


Generally, there are many reasons:

1.Problems in suspension installation or adjustment.

2.Some parts of the suspension have quality problems or have been damaged, and the suspension will change when driving after adjustment.

3.Asymmetry between left and right in welding upper and lower support plates of axles.

4.Wheel rim has quality problem.

5.Gas circuit has quality problem.

6.The uneven distribution of the vehicle's center of gravity results in uneven tire force and tire eating. This situation also includes the uneven tire force caused by the difference of leaf spring rigidity.

7.The deviation of the center line of the whole vehicle and the zigzag movement of the vehicle cause wear and tear on both sides of the tire.


Reasons related to axles:

1.The inner side of the inner tire is the main place to eat tire caused by the bending of the axle body.

2.The brake shoe and camshaft are not well return.

3.When the brake drum is out of circle, the tires stay in the same position and wear quickly.