Why is there no street lamp in High way

- Dec 07, 2019-

The cost is too high

According to unofficial introduction, the construction cost of a street lamp is basically close to 2000USD, and the distance between street lamps is basically maintained at about 20-30 meters (too close, waste electricity; too far, blind spots will occur), counting tens of thousands of kilometers The cost of building street lamps is an expense that no country can afford.


In addition to the cost of construction, subsequent maintenance is also a huge expense. What's more, in some less-developed areas, people's demand for "roads" is just needed, and street have not greatly promoted economic development.


Street lamps cannot bring safety

It was said above that the construction of street lamps requires spacing, but in reality it is difficult to achieve both fish and bear's paw. In most cases, the lighting of street lamps is discontinuous and uneven. For vehicles traveling at high speed, continuous and rapid light-dark alternation will cause visual illusion, and then cause visual fatigue, which is very detrimental to driving safety.

In addition, the general illumination of street lamps is poor, and the light is scattered light, which will make the driver “dazzle” during long-distance driving, causing hidden dangers to driving safety. When the external lighting is insufficient, the vehicle lighting group can provide drivers with safer lighting.