Winter Maintenance of Sprinkler

- Aug 27, 2019-

Sprinkler maintenance is different from other special vehicles, in addition to the chassis, but also pay attention to sprinkler accessories, such as sprinkler pump, power harvester maintenance. How to Maintain Sprinkler?


1. Chassis according to the requirements of the original chassis truck operating instructions, you can go to the service station regularly.


2. Sprinkler pump maintenance, sprinkler pump is self suction pump, according to the sprinkler manufacturers provide centrifugal pump instructions.


3. The sprinkler tank maintenance, sprinkler tank in summer or after long-term use of the tank wall rust spots or paint off, should take timely rust removal, spray paint and other anti-rust measures.


4. In winter, when sprinkler is used or stopped for a long time in winter or the temperature is below 0, after each use, the residual water in engine, water pump and pipe network should be exhausted to prevent frost damage. Long-term stop of use, before re-start, should carefully check whether the components are firmly connected, whether the electrical control is flexible and reliable.


5. When the tank is filled with liquid for the first time, the U-shaped bolt nuts and connecting plate nuts of the tank body are tightened once. During continuous working, the connecting parts should be inspected regularly to eliminate the loosening of fasteners in time.


6. The sprinkler is equipped with part of the regular maintenance. Pumps and power harvesters should be inspected, cleaned and maintained comprehensively every year.