Working Principle of Water Sprinkler Pump

- Aug 01, 2019-

The sprinkler pump adopts an external mixing self-priming structure. There must be a proper amount of liquid in the sprinkler pump. After the start of the sprinkler pump, the impeller rotates around its inlet to generate negative pressure. The gas in the suction pipeline is mixed with the liquid in the sprinkler pump and enters the gas-liquid separation chamber through the extrusion chamber. Because the gas and liquid with different specific gravity are separated from the liquid, discharged through the outlet pipeline, the liquid sinks down in the separation chamber, returns to the outer edge of the impeller through the recirculation hole, carries on the gas-liquid mixing and separation again, so as to circulate until the sprinkler pump body and the inhalation pipe are exhausted and filled with liquid to complete the self-suction process, and the sprinkler pump is put into normal infusion work.

sprinkler truck3

In order to ensure that the sprinkler pump has good self-priming ability and other performance, the following conditions must be required:


1. Before the sprinkler pump works, the liquid storage level in the sprinkler pump must be higher than that of the sprinkler pump shaft. Therefore, the inlet of the sprinkler pump should be connected with an upward bend pipe, then with a horizontal pipe and a quick joint. The joint center line should be 260 mm higher than that of the sprinkler pump shaft.


2. Import piping, valves and fittings must be guaranteed to be air-tight and to minimize elbows.


3. The suction port of the suction pipe must be immersed in the liquid to prevent air from entering the sprinkler pump and affecting the pumping.