Wrong Way in Maintenance of Sprinkler

- Jul 02, 2019-

1. Maintenance is too diligent

Maintenance cycle refers to the interval mileage or time of sprinkler maintenance. High maintenance frequency is not a bad thing, it can more effectively protect the performance of vehicles, but too frequent is not necessary. To scientifically determine the interval mileage of various maintenance operations can keep the sprinkler in good technical condition and save maintenance and repair costs.


2. Tyres to be imported

New tyres introduced abroad are not suitable for domestic users. The smooth pavement of foreign countries is quite different from that of domestic roads. Imported tyres may not perform well on domestic roads, especially in the aspect of side impact resistance. Some foreign brands of tires jointly produced in China have added a layer of cord cloth on the side of the tire according to the domestic road conditions, thus greatly enhancing the impact resistance of the tire side. The joint-venture tires can completely replace imported products in performance, and the price is more affordable.


3. Too much oil

When the sprinkler engine works, the large end of crankshaft and connecting rod will produce severe agitation, which will increase the internal power loss of the engine, and increase the oil splashed on the cylinder wall, resulting in oil burning failure. The oil in the engine oil pan should be controlled between the upper and lower lines of the oil gauge.