1.Aluminum Tank Trailers From Hubei Huilong Special Vehicles.

- Feb 27, 2021-

    Safety, intelligence, and light weight have always been the main development directions of dangerous goods tank trucks.

    Hubei Huilong launched new aluminum tank trailers. In terms of safety, this tanker uses super aluminum plate material and head structure design, the whole vehicle can withstand greater impact, and the mechanical properties of the material are 30% higher than the national standard value. In addition, this car also uses active and passive rear collision avoidance technology. It uses radar sensors to sense the speed and position of the following car. When the following car exceeds a safe distance, it will immediately sound and light alarm to remind the following car to achieve Active anti-collision warning at the rear end reduces car accidents and makes cargo transportation safer. In terms of light weight, the tank body of this car is made of aluminum alloy. Through aluminum alloy wheels and various structural optimizations, the weight of the vehicle is kept within 6.1 tons. While ensuring the carrying capacity, the cargo is improved. Loading. 

   In general, Hubei Huilong's aluminum tank trailers have made many improvements in terms of safety, light weight and intelligence.