50 SAIC Hongyan Tractors Were Delivered To The Vietnamese Market.

- Jun 15, 2020-

  At the beginning of the year, SAIC IVECO Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SAIC Hongyan") signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 100 large-scale trucks at a time with major Vietnamese customers. On June 13, 50 of these Hongyan tractors were from SAIC The Hongyan Chongqing production base was formally sent to Vietnam, and was invested in cross-border logistics and transportation services in the Indo-China Peninsula region in Southeast Asia.

  It is reported that the Vietnamese user is a well-known local transportation company and has long been engaged in the cross-border freight logistics business of Indochina Peninsula. During the use of other brand vehicles purchased previously, it was found that the configuration and working conditions were poorly adapted, the fuel consumption was too high, the power was insufficient, and long-term logistics Problems such as poor reliability, eager to replace the vehicle.

  SAIC Hongyan has communicated and conducted site visits with Vietnamese users for many times to "tailor-made" a set of personalized product solutions for users. After many rigorous tests and repeated reviews, Hongyan tractors are economical, Various indicators such as safety, comfort and power have won the unanimous recognition and high evaluation of Vietnamese users. Based on the comprehensive advantages of SAIC Hongyan products, Vietnam finally decided to reach a purchase agreement with SAIC Hongyan, purchasing the first batch of 100 Hongyan dump trucks and tractors. The signing of the agreement means that SAIC Hongyan has taken another solid step to explore the Southeast Asian market.

  Southeast Asia, as the first stop of the Maritime Silk Road, enjoys a unique geographical location. It is an important transportation hub for China to go south, the infrastructure construction is fierce, agriculture, light industry, mining, logistics are developed, and the market potential is huge. It has always been the target market of China's heavy trucks.