Aluminum Tank Trailer From Hubei Huilong Factory

- Jul 20, 2020-

   As an important logistics equipment, oil tanker is widely used in the transportation industry of various countries.

1.Hubei Huilong is very much experienced in manufacturing the aluminum fuel tanker trailer, our products has been exported to Saudi Arabic, Thailand, Chile, Peru, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, etc.

2. Our factory has the ISO9001 quality system certificate. Our aluminum fuel tanker trailer has the domestic CCC and Product Compliance certificate, America DOT406 certificate.

3. From 2013, our factory introduced a whole system of automatic aluminum welding machines, like the horizontal automatic welding machine, circle automatic welding machine which ensure the production efficiency and welding quality.

4. From 2013, our factory began the mass production on aluminu fuel tank trailer and we accumulate rich experiences on it. Our workers are specially trained and have the ASME welder certificate.

5. From 2016, our factory began to update our production line and increase the production equipment, to improve the production ability and the working efficiency.