Anti-epidemic Russian Card Friends Are Friendships Across Nationalities.

- Mar 23, 2020-


At the Sino-Russian border port, some netizens used their videos to record photos of Russian vehicles lining up to enter the Chinese border. Car-by-car supplies carry Russian enthusiasm and help for China. Among these cars is a car that we are familiar with, but his license plate is very special and has attracted everyone's attention. I believe that many riders are no strangers, that is, the liberation trucks we often see on the road. This car is from Russia, and Russian drivers are driving FAW Liberation. The delivery of supplies to Wuhan also touched many people. Although many parts of the country are now blooming in spring, from Russia to the northeast, water is still pouring into ice, and the temperature of minus 20 degrees and 30 degrees is freezing and shaking. These drivers were not afraid of the cold, and transported supplies to Wuhan not far.

From the cold Russia to the spring in Wuhan, these special faces should not be forgotten by us in this battle. A word of gratitude is not enough to express gratitude. One truck after another brings not only supplies but also friendships that cross nationalities. These truck drivers also deserve our respect in this battle against the epidemic. They are also the most beautiful retrogrades!