Customer Like Huilong Product In Canton Fair

- Oct 28, 2019-

Hubei Huilong has achieved fruitful results in this Canton Fair. It has received more than 200 customers, including more than 20 intentional customers. Among them, customers in South America, Australia and Africa are the majority.



Many Australian customers are very interested in the 3-axle tipper semi-trailer, after knowing that Huilong has been selling in Australia for many years, and having a technical team dedicated to the Australian market, it is very trusting. Several customers have signed an intentional order with Huilong


Some South American customers were very satisfied after seeing the quality of Huilong products. After knowing that Huilong has provided high-quality aluminum alloy tank trailers and flat bed/ low bed trailers to many countries in South America, they expressed their willingness to purchase.