How To Choose Side tipper Trailer

- Jul 30, 2020-

  24CBM 3 axle side tipper trailer (2)  

    In the purchase of self-unloading semi-trailer,like side tipper trailer,  it is necessary to pay attention to several key stress points, such as diagonal brace point, suspension plate bar, sub frame, etc. Some more experienced enterprises, Like Hubei Huilong factory, often these places for reinforcement, at the same time in welders, materials and other aspects are also more particular. In addition, the selection of hydraulic top should also pay attention to. Nowadays, under the condition of standard loading, our factory generally chooses 6 110mm lifting cylinders and a 130mm displacement cylinder for the 13m vehicle length, HYVA brand with more reliable quality.

    The quality of the side tripper is very important to the safety of driving. Therefore, when buying a vehicle, do not try to be cheap. Pay more attention to the structure of the product, workmanship and the quality of parts, so as to choose a more durable trailer.