How To Maintain And Maintain A Semi-trailer Engine

- Aug 03, 2018-

Usually, during the running of a semi-trailer, the following problems are generally encountered:

First, frequent start and stop, resulting in rapid engine wear;

Driving in the city, it is inevitable to encounter traffic jams, stop and go is a common thing, and it is inevitable that the speed will be slow and slow, and in general, the new car will gradually appear in the city for 2-3 years, and the control sensitivity will decrease. The phenomenon of loudening noise, etc., is related to the frequent engine stoppage caused by the car's starting and stopping. Therefore, it is often used for minor repairs, money and time are spent, but few people know that in the case of frequent start and stop of the car, Gasoline combustion is not sufficient, it is easy to produce a large amount of carbon deposits, accelerate the oxidation of lubricating oil, cause the lubricating oil to fail, and lose the proper lubrication protection performance.

Second, fuel is also the key to affect engine life;

The selection of fuel must comply with the grades specified in the vehicle. It is forbidden to use low-grade fuel. Otherwise, the engine will be knocked when it is working, which will cause strong impact on the parts and increase the additional load of the parts, thus accelerating the wear of the parts. The high temperature, high pressure and shock wave generated by the knocking will also damage the lubricating oil film on the cylinder wall and deteriorate the lubrication of the machine. Tests show that an engine is operated for 200 hours under detonation and no knocking. The average wear of the upper part of the cylinder is more than twice that of knock-free when it is measured. In addition, the fuel containing impurities exceeding the standard will also accelerate the machine. Wear and corrosion of the parts.