HOWO Light Truck King

- Dec 09, 2019-

Sinotruck HOWO light truck also launched its new model-KING. A quick look at the name, the words the king arrived, the king returned, and so on appeared. So, what is the strength of the new model king!


It is equipped with Weichai WP3N national six engine, the model is Weichai WP3NQ160E61, the displacement is 2.97 liters, the maximum power is 160 horsepower, the maximum output torque is 480 Nm, and the maximum torque speed range is 1400-2300rpm.


In order to reduce the body weight, the transmission case is made of aluminum alloy.


The HOWO Light Truck King Series maintains a family-oriented design in appearance. Secondly, the interior texture of the vehicle is optimized compared with existing models. In particular, the addition of ASR and electronic parking configuration has improved passability and vehicle texture. In terms of vehicle power matching, whether you are running at high speed or national road, it is fully enough for daily use. Finally, in terms of the weight of the vehicle, after a number of lightweight designs, the vehicle can be said to be light and not light, which truly worth buying.