Huilong Attend 126th Canton Fair

- Oct 25, 2019-

From Oct 15th to Oct 19th ,Huilong attend 126th Canton Fair .

Huilong has 2 types of vehicle in show .

One is 4*2 dump truck ,Genpaw Chassis .10T .


The other is 3 axle 30m3 conveyor belt trailer 


The Conveyor belt trailer is a lightweight special equipment designed according to market demand and used for bulk grain transportation. This model is mainly composed of cargo box, a hydraulic system and a conveyor belt. It is suitable for the transportation of bulk cargo such as sand, coal, grain, construction waste, clay and clinker.


Advantages of Conveyor belt trailer

Larger volume: The effective volume is 30~42 CBM and the load is larger, which meets the real needs of various working conditions.

Lighter weight: Made of wear-resistant high-strength steel plate, and its weight is as light as 7 tons.

More convenient operation: The unloading situation can be observed through the camera in the cab and the intelligent remote control operation is more convenient and more efficient.

Stronger durability: The main beam are made of high-strength steel plate, the cargo box is made of wear-resistant steel plate and the whole trailer undergoes durability tests, All these ensure the stable and reliable product quality.

More safe: Strong adaptability, no high requirements on site flatness, no too high restrictions on working height, suitable for different unloading environments, no risk of rollover.

More efficient and more environmentally friendly: The roof is sealed with a tarpaulin, and there is no need to open the tarpaulin when unloading, no dust and low noise.