Huilong Export Spare Parts Of Fuel Tank Trailer To Chile

- Dec 09, 2019-

On Dec 5th ,Huilong company send 10 steel boxes of spare part of fuel tank trailer to Shanghai port ,include : FRAME & DOOR FOR BOX (1500 x 750 mm), TANK HEADS SUP 15 IN 4 mm CARBON STEEL Q235, BULK HEAD SUP 15 IN 4 mm CARBON STEEL Q235, CONNECTION PLATE DOUBLE HOLE SUPERIOR& INFERIOR, CONNECTION PLATE SINGLE HOLE SUPERIOR& INFERIOR, DOUBLE FACE LIGHT SUPPORT LEFT&RIGHT, LADDER WITH DOOR, FLOW METER AND REEL BOX (1500 x 840 mm CABINET) and etc.




All these parts are for fuel tank trailer the customer make in Chile . The customer is also a factory ,they used to make these parts by themselves .But after visiting our factory ,they decided to buy these parts from us directly ,as it is much cheaper and better .