Maintenance Of The Suction Car Cooling System

- Aug 03, 2018-

With the improvement of the image of our country's image, more and more cities have put a lot of effort into shaping the image of the city. The most basic and most important thing in the image of the city is of course whether the city is neat or not, so many cities are extensive. Use a vacuum truck, sweeper, etc. to clean the city.

The modified part of the suction truck should have enough maintenance space to make the inspection, maintenance, lubrication, replacement and disassembly of the relevant parts have good proximity. The chassis of the car should have a corresponding maintenance cover when necessary. The suction truck modification manufacturer shall be responsible for the design, manufacture and safety of all the modified parts; the correctness of the connection between the modified part and the chassis carrying system and the power output system shall not be affected by the correct layout of the modified part. Security.